Running Quickbooks on a Windows Server

November 11, 2013 - 1 minute read

Are you trying to run Quickbooks on a Windows Server system and experiencing a crash? This is a common issue, and results in the message “Quickbooks has stopped working”. When you read the details, it refers to a Problem Event Name: BEX for the application qbw32.exe.

Quickbooks/ReckonAccounts doesn’t like playing nicely with quite a few systems (e.g. printer drivers, Windows security), and if you try to run the application as a regular user on the Windows Server (even a user with administrative privileges) things get even tougher.

Our first piece of advice is “Don’t!”.

Ideally, you shouldn’t be running any user applications from a Windows Server. There is a ‘Database Manager’ component of Quickbooks which may need to be installed on the server, but as for day-to-day bookkeeping at the console of a Windows Server, it really shouldn’t be done. (If you’re running Terminal Services, you may have to address this problem).

However, if there’s a reason you need to do it – here’s the trick:

  1. Log on to the server as Administrator
  2. From the Server Manager, turn off ‘IE Enhanced Security Configuration’ for Administrators and Users.
  3. Right-click Internet Explorer and go to Options, and set the security level for the Internet Zone to Medium-High or lower.

Hope this helps!

What other issues have you experienced with Quickbooks, and how did you solve them?


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