New Page Insights on Facebook

August 14, 2013 - 2 minutes read

Have you got a Facebook business Page and want to improve your cut-through and effectiveness in engaging your target audience? Facebook Page Insights just keep getting better – they’re in the midst of rolling out another update that further enhances Page Admins’ ability to analyse your ‘fans’ and improve your marketing tactics.

The new Insights continues the core elements that you’ve been accustomed to, but adds further detail that wasn’t previously available. For example, you can now see not only the demographics of your fan base (male/female, age brackets) but also how the spread of your audience compares with the wider Facebook user base.

You also get greater insight into the reach and engagement of your posts – how many people saw them, clicked on them, and/or liked, commented on or shared them.

A really helpful feature now is the ability to see whether your fans Liked you from your regular page, on a mobile device, through a post that you published, and whether they were ‘organic’ or ‘paid’ likes. And you can see when and how many people ‘Unliked’ your page.

But perhaps the feature I love the most is the ability to see ‘When Your Fans are Online’! On any given day you can see the average number who saw ANY posts on Facebook (i.e. when they’re active and which days have the highest or lowest levels of activity), and their aggregate (average) levels of activity in any hour of the day. The beauty of this is that if you know, for example, that the greatest number of your Fans are active on Facebook on Tuesday, and 8PM is the time with the most activity, you can then plan your posts and paid promotions to focus around these hours when you know your Fans (and others like them) are most likely to be using Facebook and therefore seeing your communications.

All in all, Insights is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, and it’s just getting better and better!

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